Here’s what you need before you hire Jennifer Foxworthy as your next Keynote Speaker:

One Sheet: This one-sheet is an inside glimpse into Jennifer’s inspirational style and substance. (downloadable PDF) 
Keynote Topics: Jennifer’s topics are designed to give audiences what they want: powerful messages and inspiration. With humor and real-world examples, Jennifer helps audiences achieve their best personally and professionally – no matter where they are at.

Here’s what you need after you hire Jennifer Foxworthy:

Logistics checklist: Jennifer’s can’t miss pre-program list helps to ensure that your next event runs as smoothly as possible!
Pre-program Questionnaire:  As much as possible, Jennifer wants to customize your event to your needs and your organization. That is why she always does her homework. Help her make sure your event is as personalized as possible with this results-getting tool! (form)
Jennifer’s Bio: Need to know all the fun facts and terrific information? We got it right here, for you!

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