Jennifer Foxworthy: Inspirational Leadership Development Keynote Speaker

Jennifer is a Certified Virtual Presenter

Every organization and leaders are looking for ways to take themselves and their employees to the next level. New ways to tap their unique talents, develop as leaders and lead their teams.

Jennifer is a retired U.S. Navy veteran, who embodies the Navy core values of “Honor, Courage, and Commitment.”  It’s these key principles that help Jennifer develop her F.I.T. (Focused, Intentional, Thriving) Mindset.  Domestic violence advocate, and author of “Tomorrow My Sunshine Will Come: Memoirs of Women Who Survived Domestic Violence”, she uses real talk and humor to individuals, leaders, and executives so they can remove internal and external barriers that prevent them from being F.I.T.

As an advocate and corporate trainer, I am on a mission to help develop tomorrow’s new leaders to create a sustainable organization where employees will be excited to work for a lifetime. As a Navy combat veteran who served our country for 21 years and a sought-after corporate trainer for 16 years, I know first-hand how important it is to establish and maintain an environment where everyone from executive leaders to employees can thrive.

My keynotes and workshops will give you and your organization the tools needed to have a F.I.T. (Focused, Intentional, and Thriving) Mindset personally and professionally. If you’re feeling stressed and burnt out through external barriers like employee turnover rate and production, contact me today for a discovery call. My team and I can provide you with solutions to increase employee morale, team cohesion, wellness, and engagement.

Leadership Development | Team Building | Overcoming Adversity

Get F.I.T. (Focused, Intentional and Thriving)

Program Delivery: Live Presentation | Virtual Presentation | Webinar
Future leaders can only lead if they can lead from within. That means that they must learn to remove internal and external barriers that prevent them from being focused, intentional and thriving. (F.I.T.).

Audience Will:

  • Gain self-awareness by identifying limiting behaviors
  • Gain an understanding of what it means to be focused, intentional, and thriving
  • Learn techniques to align with like-minded people who can support your go als

G.U.M.B.O (Greatness Unbounded Moving Beyond Ordinary)

Program Delivery: Live Presentation | Virtual Keynote | Live Streaming | Webinar
Using a large pot, utensils, spices, and a lemon, Jennifer demonstrates in this interactive visual presentation, how we all have the resources needed to overcome adversity.

Audience Will:

  • No matter how hot things get, we use our unique talents to overcome obstacles
  • Gain an understanding of how negative attitudes can deter growth
  • Develop and implement positive techniques and strategies to overcome adversity
  • Empower audience to make healthy changes for a better life

Unstoppable You Legacy:

Program Delivery: Live Presentation | Virtual Presentation | Webinar
This workshop takes the audience on a journey of self-discovery.  This enables the leaders to have an opportunity for self-realization and self-awareness that will be beneficial personally and professionally.
Overall, once the individual understands their personal potential, they can achieve maximum production at any corporate business or organization.

Audience Will:

  • Examine our behaviors, morals, beliefs that shape who we are and why we do things.
  • Develop skills to use in teambuilding personally and professionally.
  • Discover characteristics that enhance our greatness as leaders
  • Develop strategies to motivate employees to reach their potential

Let’s Fly Like Geese: The Value of the V Formation

Program Delivery: Live Presentation | Virtual Presentation | Webinar
This presentation uses the flight habits of geese flying in a V formation to demonstrate teambuilding.  Jennifer provides detailed information for management/supervisors and employees to achieve cohesion, maximum production, trust, and a healthy working environment.

Audience Will:

  • Gain an understanding of how to develop characteristics needed to be great and effective leaders.
  • Learn team building techniques that will help participants understand how to support, unite, recognize, and professionally develop their staff.
  • Will gain an understanding of how to support the company’s mission and vision in order to build a lasting and positive legacy.

Thriving Employees and Thriving Business:

Program Delivery: Live Presentation | Virtual Presentation | Webinar
In today’s business environment, your employees are your most valuable assets. The good ones are the ones who can help you build a sustainable, credible and lasting business.  

Audience Will:

  • Develop leadership strategies that can build cohesion within the workplace
  • Identify internal and external barriers that impact a team culture

The Follow Through

Program Delivery: Live Presentation | Virtual Presentation | Webinar
Jennifer uses the analogy of sports and the performance of shooting a basketball or swinging a baseball bat, a good follow through can make the difference of scoring points for your team and winning the game. This is a presentation about commitment and dedication to set goals and stay the course to achieve them.

Audience Will:

  • Gain an understanding of commitment and dedication
  • Develop techniques and strategies to improve focus
  • Identify barriers that affect unsuccessful completion of goals
  • Empower the audience to stay the course and be effective change agents whether personally or professionally

R You Moving Forward? The 3 R’s to Overcoming Adversity

Program Delivery: Live Presentation | Virtual Presentation | Webinar
Empowering presentation to motivate the audience to achieve their personal and professional goals through resiliency, regrouping, and rebuilding.

Audience Will:

  • Identify patterns of behaviors that affect resiliency
  • Gain an understanding of what resiliency and the role it has in our lives
  • Gain awareness when regrouping is necessary whether personally or professionally
  • Develop and implement strategies to successfully rebuild whether personally or professionally
Are you looking for something more specific?
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